Automotive Wire

An automotive wire is a multi-stranded core and flexible insulation making it ideal for pulling through tight spaces. It is usually rated to 80ºC and resistant to oil, chemicals, and acids. MCI cables are made of 99.98% pure copper ensure enhanced conductivity. Better reliability, energy efficiency & highest level of safety.  Insulated with in house formulated & manufactured PVC compound. Excellent Fire & Heat retardant characteristics at different working condition. Maximum energy saving ensures value for money.


Conductor: Flexible tinned copper or bare copper core
Insulation: XLPE, PVC


GaugeTypeStrandsDiaOuter DiaStandard
0.30AVSS70.261.41.5JASO D611, D618
0.30AVSSHF190.161.41.5JASO D611, D618
0.50AVF200.182.22.4JASO D611, D618
0.50AVS70.3222.1JASO D611, D618
0.50AVSS70.321.61.7JASO D611, D618
0.50AVSSF190.191.61.7JASO D611, D618
0.75AVF300.182.42.6JASO D611, D618
0.75AVSSF190.231.81.9JASO D611, D618
0.75BS190.231.91.9BRITISH STANDARD
0.85AV110.322.42.6JASO D611, D618
0.85AVS110.322.22.3JASO D611, D618
0.85AVSS190.241.81.9JASO D611, D618
1.00BS190.262.12.1BRITISH STANDARD
1.25AVF500.183.43.6JASO D611, D618
1.25AVS160.322.52.6JASO D611, D618
1.25AVSS190.292.12.2JASO D611, D618
1.50BS190.322.42.4BRITISH STANDARD
10.00BS800.405.95.9BRITISH STANDARD
15.00AV840.457.68JASO D611, D618
15.00EB19 X 90.326.56.9JASO D611, D618
15.00HEB19 X 90.327.57.9JASO D611, D618
2.00AVS260.322.93.1JASO D611, D618
2.00AVSS370.262.62.7JASO D611, D618
2.00AVSSF370.262.62.7JASO D611, D618
2.00BS190.372.72.7BRITISH STANDARD
2.50BS190.413.13.1BRITISH STANDARD
20.00EB19 X 130.327.78JASO D611, D618
20.00HEB19 X 130.328.79JASO D611, D618
3.00BS370.323.43.4BRITISH STANDARD
3.00BS410.323.63.8BRITISH STANDARD
30.00EB19 X 190.3299.4JASO D611, D618
30.00HEB19 X 190.3210.811.2JASO D611, D618
4.00BS370.373.93.9BRITISH STANDARD
4.50BS650.304.14.1BRITISH STANDARD
40.00BS3610.3712.112.4BRITISH STANDARD
40.00EB19 X 260.3210.310.8JASO D611, D618
40.00HEB19 X 260.3211.912.4JASO D611, D618
5.00AV650.324.64.9JASO D611, D618
5.00AVS650.324.44.6JASO D611, D618
5.00EB7 X 90.324.34.7JASO D611, D618
6.00BS840.304.54.5BRITISH STANDARD
8.00AV500.455.55.8JASO D611, D618
8.50BS1200.305.55.5BRITISH STANDARD
9.00EB7 X 160.325.45.8JASO D611, D618

1. Single/Multicore PVC insulated
2. Higher abrasion resistance
3. 99.9% Pure Copper
4. Temperature: -25°C to 85°C
5. Certification: ISO 9001
6. Design and manufacture according to the requirements of customers.